Breastfeeding Group Education

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Breastfeeding Group Education

Breastfeeding is free, convenient, and the most nutritious thing for your baby. But it’s not always straightforward from the get-go. We will spend most of our time focusing on breastfeeding in the first few days and weeks after birth. Classes are one 90-minute session taught by our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Topics include:

  1. Basic Breast Anatomy
  2. Days 1-3 (Colostrum to Mature Milk)
  3. How to Latch a Baby
  4. Most Popular Nursing Positions
  5. Heading Off Problems
  6. Pumping Basics

Private Breastfeeding Classes
Date TBD
$125 per couple; includes 3 months of unlimited email/phone/text support
$75 per couple; does not include additional support
Date and time to be determined
Email for additional information

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