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Childbirth Preparation

**Due to Covid-19 Well Born Baby is offering Childbirth Preparation and Advanced Comfort Measures classes remotely via GoogleMeet**

Well Born Baby childbirth preparation classes are designed to offer couples a well-rounded, straightforward curriculum. As doulas and childbirth educators, we have assisted hundreds of couples through a very wide range of birth choices and experiences. Though certified, we don't teach any one method of childbirth preparation; rather we pull the best parts from the most popular methods, as well as from our extensive experience in the field. There is no one right way to labor. We stand by the philosophy that birth is a normal process and strive to inspire confidence in the couples that we teach. It is our goal to demonstrate the full spectrum of options a woman has when preparing for her birth, and then to support her unconditionally. The most important way to approach your birth is with confidence and relaxation. You achieve this by knowing what possible things to expect, developing the skills to move through your labor, and by feeling prepared to work through whatever your journey turns out to be. 

Well Born Baby Classes offer a blend of lecture, demonstration, and practice and will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Birth
  2. Preparing your Body and How to Adapt To Its Changes
  3. Birthing Options: Detailed Childbirth Choices and Positive Communication 
  4. Labor and Birth: Your Body's Natural Processes for the Signs and Stages of Labor
  5. Natural Pain Coping Strategies including breathing, relaxation, position choices, massage techniques, pressure points, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy options, vocalization, and much more...
  6. Pain Medication Options 
  7. Labor Support--who to have at your birth
  8. Obstetrical tests and procedures: Prevention, Interventions and Alternatives
  9. Postpartum Health and the Newborn

Your body knows how to give birth and your baby knows how to be born.  Childbirth preparation gives you the knowledge and tools to make your birthing decisions so that you can have your best birth experience.

Well Born Baby Childbirth Preparation via GoogleMeet 2021 Dates

Education, Tools, Tips, and Skills for the Birthing Experience You Hope For          

Offered as a two day course on:

Session I: Saturday January 30th 9am-12pm (day 1) and 31st from 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session II: Saturday February 27th 9am-12pm (day 1) and 28th 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session III: Saturday March 20th 9am-12pm (day 1) and 21st9am-12pm (day 2),

Session IV: Saturday April 24th 9am-12pm (day 1) and 25th 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session V: Saturday May 22nd 9am-12pm (day 1) and 23rd 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session VI: Saturday June 12th 9am-12pm (day 1) and 13th 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session VII: Saturday July 10th 9am-12pm (day 1) and July 11th 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session VIII: Saturday August 21st 9am-12pm (day 1) and August 22nd 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session IX: Saturday September 18th 9am-12pm (day 1) and September 19th 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session X: Saturday October 16th 9am-12pm (day 1) and October 17th 9am-12pm (day 2),

Session XI: Saturday November 13th 9am-12pm (day 1) and November 14th 9am-12pm (day 2);

Session XII: Saturday December 11th 9am-12pm (day 1) and December 12th 9am-12pm (day 2)

$180 for Well Born Baby Clients, $200 for non-clients

May be offered as a full day session if two or less couples.

Please register below.  For questions please email


Advanced Comfort Measures via Zoom

Do you want to learn a wide range of comfort techniques for labor? Whether you have given birth before, already taken a childbirth class, or just want the hands-on practice, this workshop is for you. Topics will include: breathing, positions, birth and peanut balls, massage, counter pressure, and more. This workshop gives you the knowledge and tools to stay comfortable and have your best birth experience.

This workshop is intended for hands-on practice for the expectant mom and her partner. Lecture time will be limited. Please wear comfortable clothes and have a pillow and exercise/yoga/birth ball available to practice with.

Offered on:

Session I: Wednesday February 10th 6-8pm

Session II: Wednesday March 10th 6-8pm

Session III: Saturday June 5th 9-11am

Session IV: Saturday August 14th 9-11am

$60 for Well Born Baby clients, $80 for non-clients

Sliding scale available as needed.

Please register below.  For questions please email


**Due to Covid-19...In Person Group Sessions currently on hold until future notice**

Well Born Baby Group Childbirth Preparation
$250 per couple; pay by cash or check and save $50!
(includes plenty of opportunities for breaks)
Couples are encouraged to bring a pillow and a birth or exercise ball (if needed, instructor will have one available)
Email for additional information or click here to register! 

We encourage expectant parents to participate in childbirth preparation classes with other expectant couples to learn from their experiences and connect with other couples. However, if it is difficult to attend our regularly scheduled groups sessions, we offer private childbirth education in the comfort of your home. 

Well Born Baby Private Childbirth Classes
Childbirth Preparation: $350
Childbirth Refresher: $150

Well Born Baby Semi-Private Childbirth Classes
(Share a class with a friend or family member!)
Childbirth Preparation: $250 per couple
Childbirth Refresher: $75 per couple

Please email to schedule private or semi-private a class.

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