Happy Birthday to a new Well Born Baby Boy born early morning Tuesday March 26th, 2019!  Mama had just finished work yesterday when she thought she was noticing regular contractions that were short, but consistent.  This was her second pregnancy, so she remembered what to look for from last time.  Getting home, she tried showering, eating, and went about getting ready.  Her mom was scheduled to come into town Wednesday but they arranged an earlier flight in.  Contractions really started picking up in intensity around 10:20pm and by 10:40pm they were also coming much closer together.  They made the wise decision at 11pm to head into the hospital.  They arrived at Pennsylvania Hospital just before 11:30pm and got checked in.  Her husband was a great support to this mama as she listened to her body and moved in a position that was comfortable.  Shortly after getting moved to a labor and delivery room her water broke with a contraction.  Boy was she surprised!  With her first baby, she had to request they break her water and this time it happened all on it's own.  Very quickly after she had the order to push!  The midwife was ready and we all helped mom to listen to her body and work with her baby.  Dad even caught his new baby boy!  They didn't know the sex of that baby going into delivery but dad was thrilled to have a second baby boy!  This little guy may have been early but that's good because he wasn't so tiny!  Weighing in at 8lbs 11oz he was a good bit bigger then his older brother had been at birth.  Baby boy did great snuggling in with mama and enjoyed lots of nursing and skin to skin.  Congratulations to the new family and thanks to all the wonderful nurses and midwife that helped support them through their babies beautiful birth.