Well Born Baby childbirth preparation classes are designed to offer couples a well-rounded, straightforward curriculum. As doulas and childbirth educators, we have assisted hundreds of couples through a very wide range of birth choices and experiences. Though certified, we don't teach any one method of childbirth preparation; rather we pull the best parts from the most popular methods, as well as from our extensive experience in the field. There is no one right way to labor. We stand by the philosophy that birth is a normal process and strive to inspire confidence in the couples that we teach. It is our goal to demonstrate the full spectrum of options a woman has when preparing for her birth, and then to support her unconditionally. The most important way to approach your birth is with confidence and relaxation. You achieve this by knowing what possible things to expect, developing the skills to move through your labor, and by feeling prepared to work through whatever your journey turns out to be.

Well Born Baby Childbirth Preparation @ Hatch

Education, Tools, Tips, and Skills for the Birthing Experience You Hope For         

Well Born Baby is teaching Childbirth Preparation at Hatch: A Sanctuary for Motherhood located in Wayne, PA. To register for this class, please contact Hatch at 484-367-7671 or info@hatchmotherhood.com.

$180 for Hatch members, $240 for non-members