Lauren C. Spooner is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at The University of Southern Mississippi with a primary research interest in the psychological care of women during and following childbirth. She would like to invite new mothers (women who are at least six weeks postpartum and have given birth within the last year) to participate in a research study designed to examine women’s perceptions of their labor and delivery experience and how these perceptions relate to postpartum functioning.

She writes, “I am impressed with your website and the support that you provide new mothers. Your message of support is similar to my passion for the psychological care of women during and following childbirth, which is reflected in my primary line of research.  My interest evolved out of my clinical work with postpartum women who often reported disappointment and stress reactions related to their birth experience. There is empirical evidence that the optimal psychological functioning of new mothers has  important implications for their relationships, their personal functioning, and their children’s developmental trajectory.  However, there are few models of intervention available. I hope that through the results of my research I can gain information that can be used to develop a preventive model of intervention for women experiencing one of the most significant events in their lives.”

To participate in this study, new mothers can go online and complete an anonymous survey at  For every usable survey completed, $1 will be donated to Postpartum Support International an organization that supports families during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

For additional information about the study you can contact Lauren at