WOW!  There's now a doll that allows little girls to be just like Mommy and breastfeed their very own baby doll.  With my last pregnancy, my older daughter would run and get one of her dolls and naturally held the doll to her chest.  As she would say, her baby was eating from her "nibbles".  Ha!

Now, Berjuan Toys has developed The Breast Milk Baby ($90) which lets young girls express their love and affection in the most natural way possible, just like mommy.  The realistic-looking doll comes with an accompanying bib for a tot to put on — with two appropriately placed flowers for "feeding."  When the baby doll is hungry, she'll begin to fuss and once the doll's mouth is placed next to a flower it starts making suckling noises and motions; there's even a burping step once it's done.

Little girls naturally want to mimic their Mommy and teaching about breastfeeding early on helps to promote it as a natural practice for mother and infant.  I generally don't like dolls that coo, cry, burp, eat, and other things; they creep me out.  The Breast Milk Baby, however, is my exception and I would have definitely purchased this for my little girl two years ago. ~Christina

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There's even an opportunity to win a FREE Breast Milk Baby